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The mascot and banner have been created by David Revoy.

About this server

Mastodon instance from Norway, open to everybody. It has been spawned because hostux will be shut, and I wanted to offer an alternative. This service is offered by AS208627. If you have trouble, please contact @alarig or alarig@icedtux.no.

📜 Rules

• Respect each other 🤝
• If you follow the Humans Rights (EN/FR/NO/ES/JP), nothing bad should happen 😉
• Don't spam ✋
• No racism, xenophobia, sexism, discrimination… ☮️
• Please don't post illegal content (or links to) in France or Norway ⛔
• For NSFW content, use the content warning or the NSFW filter, otherwise please post your toot as unlisted 🔞
• Use content warning for spoilers ❗
• Bots and commercial accounts are allowed only I they don’t spam/flood and post as unlisted 🤖
• A local account may be muted or banned if they don’t follow the rules. 🔐
• We only block/silence foreign accounts and instances for legal reasons.
• Have fun 🎉

If you’re not sure about the rules whether it’s because you want to sign up or post something, please contact the admin.

When you’ll sign up, you'll be following a few accounts by default. The admin chose them to make your timeline more lively, but you are free to follow and unfollow anyone!

💻 What's behind?

This instance is hosted on a dedicated servers at my home, in Norway.

The server has the following specifications:

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400S CPU @ 2.50GHz
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: 1 To
Connection: 100 Mbps
OS: Gentoo
Good security practices
IPv6 compatible, DNSSEC enabled, TLSA published, running the latest stable version of of Mastodon
Daily backups of the database and files, on another server hosted at Sandefjord, in Norway.

Moderated servers

There’s no moderated server for now, but we can add some if needed (see the rules)